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MaqPro Paris Lip Balm

Available in five different tinted shades, these Lip Balms from MaqPro Paris has a gorgeously fresh ...
RRP : £11.57

MaqPro/Sunaura Lip Palette

This 10 Colour Lipstick Palette, designed by us in Sunaura, is a great addition to any make-up artis...
RRP : £23.97

MaqPro Paris Lipstick

Based on natural waxes, MaqPro Paris's Lipsticks come in six beautiful colours that are heavily pigm...
RRP : £14.88

MaqPro Paris Lip Primer

This Lip Primer from MaqPro Paris is a necessity in your make-up bag, as it preps and primes your li...
RRP : £19.84

MaqPro Paris Lip Gloss

MaqPro's Lip Gloss is a gorgeous gloss which leaves your lips feeling moisturised and fresh, without...
RRP : £16.53
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