KOPI-O Coffee

This pure blend of sweetened black coffee, without milk, is best taken at breakfasts. Often savoured by purists who believe that toast and butter, with black coffee is the ideal start to their day.
Manufacturer : Owl
Min Order : 1
Max Order : 10000

Kopitiam Roast & Ground

Kopitiam Roast_Ground

We’ve affectionately named our Kopitiam Roast & Ground in honour of the Straits Asian coffee shop culture. ‘Kopitiam’ means traditional coffee shop found in Southeast Asia since 18th century. ‘Kopi’ means coffee in Malay and ‘Tiam’ means shop in Hokkien (Chinese Dialect). Using OWL crafted recipes in manual roasting process that enhances caramelised coffee aroma and definite robust flavour in each individual sock-like cotton filter bags with dark, coarse ground coffee that gives a good old char taste in every cup.