Luxuary designer silk scarf
Min Order : 1
Max Order : 500
Net Unit Price : £85.00
Total Price : £85.00
SKU : 15 Geneva Rosa

Geneva. City of lakes and mountains and fun and business. So many themes and activities in one place. I associate it with the wilds of the mountains and the snow and the skiing. While at the same time with order and the taming of nature. The icy blues and greens of this design hint at the fresh air and nature I think of when I think of Geneva. At the same time the image is itself of the city at its most corporate. A stunning, easy to wear cotton and silk mix. Day timey, casual and flattering. Suits anyone and anything you might choose to wear!  Silk/Cotton blend
Made and hand hemmed in Italy
180 x 100 cm, 71" x 39"
Delicate fabric, dry clean only