Luxuary designer silk scarf
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Even if the Peacock wasn't a bird of symbolism and meaning across cultures and continents, I would still get a childlike thrill from seeing this majestic bird Peacock in full display. From Hinduism, to Asian spirituality and Christianity, the peacock is an emblem of good luck, love, benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion, good-will, nurturing, holiness and sanctity. This particular bird was seen on a day out at Gan Garoo in the Galilee, and he really made our day.  Made with fabulous soft, silk satin, this fabric combines glamorous shine with deep, dark colours. This dramatic and generously sized scarf hangs beautifully, never looks out of place and will make a seriously glamorous addition to your wardrobe. 100% silk satin
Hand hemmed
180x100cm, 71" x 39"
Dry clean only