Formation Software

Create mobile forms for any industry. Choose a mobile forms software designed for any business, within any industry. Formation Software allows your business to recreate the paper forms and documents you use on a daily basis in a digital format. Instead of paperwork, your field based or mobile operatives will use our Formation Mobile solution to collect data efficiently and simply on their Apple or Android device. Formation Mobile keeps your data safe on the mobile device before transferring it in real time to your back office for secure data storage in the cloud. Use Formation Software to capture and share data throughout your business. It connects mobile workers to office workers, field to back office - with a secure and reliable flow of business critical data.
Min Order : 1
Max Order : 10000

Formation Software combines the back office Formation Management Studio with the Formation Mobile application to help companies create digital forms for mobile data collection. The Formation Software features will help you create flexible, digital forms for your business and industry.

Formation Software includes two main elements:

Formation Management Studio
Formation Mobile

The Formation Management Studio is a back office system which allows users to build forms and collate mobile data for analysis. Formation Mobile is used by mobile operatives working in the field to enable digital data collection on a mobile device. Plus, Formation Software integrates with existing systems.

Formation Management Studio:
Back Office System

  • Drag and drop form creation
  • Assign forms to colleagues
  • Hosted on a secure server environment
  • Personalised company branding
  • Monitor user activity & generate reports with a workflow tracker
  • Simple user dashboard gives an overview of existing projects
  • Completed forms returned in smart PDF format or via data transfer
  • Actions monitored via an audit tracking system
  • Design your own Outputs as a PDF or Word Format
  • Integrates into your existing ERP/CRM database
  • Support for any language
  • Manage currency exchange rates

Formation Mobile:
Data Collection on a mobile device

  • Available to Apple (iOS) and Android devices
  • Capture a range of media rich content such as photos, videos and audio
  • Apply free text fields, currency fields, perform calculations and sketch with the drawing tool
  • Annotate and edit photos on your mobile device or in the office
  • Customisable grids and tables
  • PAF Postcode validation for UK addresses
  • Ability to work offline removing the need to be connected online
  • Collect signatures with an e-signature tool
  • Simple user dashboard gives an overview of forms status
  • Barcode and QR Code Reader
  • GPS Geo Tracking Functionality
  • Cloud Storage
  • Create forms using a web portal too
  • Secure data collection on a mobile device
This is just a flavour of the features available with Formation Software by using the Formation Management Studio and Formation Mobile software. The software is fully customisable for your industry sector to service the data collection requirements of your business.