Emsisoft Enterprise Console

Emsisoft Enterprise Console - Malware protection across your network for 3-500 clients
Manufacturer : Emsisoft
Min Order : 1
Max Order : 10000

Easy integration in your Windows network
Benefits of centralized anti-malware management
  • Monitor malware findings across the network from a central spot.
  • Deploy protection without needing to deal with each machine individually.
  • Manage software settings and user permissions in groups.
  • Find and resolve any protection related client issues.
  • Save update- and download-traffic with a centralized caching proxy.
  • Create security status reports for administrators and management.
  • Receive real-time and summarized notifications via email and webhooks.
Remote deployment of Emsisoft Anti-Malware
  • 1Locate unprotected clients in your network with ease.
2Remote deploy the endpoint protection with a click.
  • Works with and without Active Directory.
  • NAT support: Use installation packages to connect from client side too.
Protection settings and user permissions policies
  1. Organize your client computers in hierarchical settings groups, ie. departments.
  2. Change settings, ie. automatic threat handling for regular teams, more details for tech departments.
  3. Set up scheduled scans to run in idle periods after work.
  4. Whitelist custom software and specific folders if needed.
  5. Define user groups which are allowed to modify specific protection settings, ie. inexperienced users should not be allowed to mess with settings or have the permission to disable protection.

  • Overview of managed clients, with flexible filters

  • Group based computer settings and policies

    • Alternative creation of deployment packages
    Advanced custom reports An extended set of pre-defined reports allow you to quickly see what’s going on in your network, such as, recent malware findings, blocked website requests and suspicious software behaviours. A number of available data sets can be configured to render custom reports in different chart styles based on your organization’s requirements.
    Why Emsisoft Enterprise Console?

    Saves Time

    No need to remote connect or even worse, walk to each machine, to maintain protection.

    It's Free!

    Emsisoft Enterprise Console doesn't cost anything, but you'll need licenses for Emsisoft Anti-Malware on your clients.

    Saves Money

    Each software update is only downloaded once from the Internet, even if you have 100+ clients.

    Technology Guarantee

    Always receive all new software versions via auto-update.

    Easy to Use

    It doesn't matter if you have 3 or more than 100 client PCs. It's easy to get started.

    Customer Focus

    Challenge our first-class support team with any questions around the product.

    No-Bloat Guarantee

    Committed to maximum efficiency and protection, without slowdowns.

    Ethical Business

    We don't spy on our customers or sell their data for quick cash.
    See how easy to use it is