DynaBar™ breaks all the rules when it comes to protein bars, combining a luxurious and decadent flavour with a massive 20g of high quality protein.
Manufacturer : Protein Dynamix
Min Order : 1
Max Order : 10000

Voted best protein product 2016 by the readers of FSN magazine! DynaBar™ is the luxurious high protein bar you have been waiting for. It’s packed full of decadent flavour and a whopping twenty grams of the best, high quality protein available. Designed to support the maintenance of your muscle mass and the growth you’re looking for, it’s no wonder it has been voted The Best Tasting Protein Bar on the market. Our DynaBar™ crispy protein bar is covered with an indulgent milk chocolate coating, and has a delicious, sumptuous layer of caramel to give you that great taste while incorporating all the nutritional requirements you want and need. This makes it the perfect snack for when you are on the go - or it can make for a great substitute for a protein shake for a change. Those nasty, chalky, chewy, tasteless bars are now, thankfully, a thing of the past. When designing the DynaBar™ we saw that the rest of the protein bars on the market were quite simply not up to standard that you deserve. Here is where our DynaBar™ enters the ring, to give you the powerful punch of protein you need. Even Eddie ‘The Beast” Hall, the UK’s Strongest Man, raves about our bars, which are his favourite way of topping up his protein intake when he is on the go. Q&A How many bars should I have a day? To boost your protein intake we’d recommend eating anywhere from one to three bars a day, in line with a healthy and balanced diet. Can I eat these bars and take additional protein supplements? Yes you can, just be sure to read the recommended dose on each package so you don’t eat more than necessary Can I eat these bars and take other supplements? Yes you can. As said before, we’d recommend you read the instructions on your supplement packaging to double check the amount you are taking is compatible with that of these bars. Will these bars make me put on weight? Yes in the form of muscle mass. We always recommend seeking medical advice before trying a new supplement whether in tablet, liquid, powder or food form, to make sure you are okay to take them.