What can affiliates do for your business?

Affiliates can increase sales, traffic and brand awareness for your business through placement of ads on their websites.

A network of affiliates can significantly broaden your reach and exposure to potential customers through placement of advertising on affiliate websites.

Affiliate marketing works on a pay for performance model so you only pay affiliates for results delivered and affiliates are driven to deliver higher results to earn maximum revenue.

As the affiliate merchant you determine what the affiliates performance goal is which would generally be clicks or sales conversions. You also determine how much commission to pay them for each click or sale as well as when and how they get paid.

A network of affiliates provides you advertising which is visible 24 hours a day, seven days a week and there is no limit to the number of affiliate websites you can use or the exposure you can gain.

Because affiliates only get paid for their results they will choose to publish ads that they feel are well suited to their customer demographic to maximise their earning potential and therefore yours too.

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