What is an Affiliate Merchant?

An affiliate merchant is a business that increases sales, traffic and brand awareness through online advertising via a network of affiliate websites. 

Affiliate merchants create ads such as text links, static banner ads, flash banner ads and now even video ads for placement on affiliate websites.

Merchants will normally pay affiliates a commission for every visit to the website or every sales conversion meaning they only pay for results.

Affiliate merchants may run their own in house affiliate program using in house affiliate software or they may use an affiliate network to find affiliates.

Using in house affiliate tracking software can be very cost effective for affiliate merchants, saving on often expensive membership fees and commissions payable to affiliate networks.

Traditional affiliate networks charge affiliate merchants a membership fee and also take additional commission on top (override) of the total commission payable to the affiliates each month which is typically around 30%.

The Reseller Network helps affiliate merchants find new affiliates to increase sales, traffic and brand awareness but unlike affiliate networks we don’t charge any commissions at all.

To register as an Affiliate Merchant simply go to http://www.the-reseller-network.com/register/merchant/