What is an Affiliate?

Most commonly an affiliate simply drives web traffic from one website to another and is paid a commission per visit or per sale. Some companies may also refer to resellers or partners as affiliates.

Affiliates use areas of unused space on their website to display affiliate marketing ads. Affiliate marketing ads can be text links, static banner ads, flash banner ads and now even video ads.

Ads come in all shapes and sizes but the most common shapes are square box ads, landscape rectangle ads and vertical rectangle ads also known as skyscraper ads.

Affiliates can subscribe to affiliate programs through networks such as The Reseller Network enabling them to choose suppliers and adverts. Alternatively affiliates can use Google Ad Sense which places more random adverts and may pay less commission.

By placing affiliate banner ads relevant to their customer demographic on their website, affiliates can earn anywhere from a few pounds up to thousands of pounds every month depending on the volume of traffic to their site and cost per click or per sale of their chosen affiliate program.

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