How to increase revenue streams

The retailer must chose suppliers who can provide products required by their customers. The retailer must have a clear idea of the target market for the suppliers products and must be able to increase the value of the products with the services they offer.

The placement of products in the correct type of retailer will enable the product to be found and seen by the right customers.

Ensure that the retailers selected provide the correct image identity for your product and the level of service needed.

The retailer can increase their sales by remaining competitive in their pricing strategy according to supply and demand. They can also increase revenue by sourcing the most cost effective suppliers or wholesalers.

The retailer must remain up to date with new suppliers and products as yesterdays must haves will not be what the consumers want today.

The suppliers must ensure that new technology, production methods and sources are incorporated into their products or they will not get the level of sales if developments leave them with an out dated product that retailers can’t sell.