The Benefits of Using a Retailer

The benefits of using a retailer include providing additional value to the customers in the form of product and service mixes to entice the customer to buy from them rather than the individual supplier. The retailer provides the channel between the end user and the designers and manufacturers of the products.

The retailer is able to sell products for which they see a demand and for which they they have an interest in and may get the support and information required to convince the buyers from the suppliers. The retailer can choose a supplier that can supply the products at the cost level on which they can make a profit after including direct and indirect costs. Suppliers benefit by using retailers who can add value for the customers in terms of quality and service, encouraging either repeat sales of the product or diversity of products.

The retailer is in a position to either continue to buy from their existing suppliers or may change to new ones offering new or unique items the consumer may be interested in. New retailers can be found who could add your products to their business, increasing the sales of your products to new customers.

With the globalisation of sourcing products, the benefits of using retailers allow new suppliers to deliver their products to new customers worldwide.