What makes a good retailer?

  1. A good retailer can increase your sales by providing a way for customers to purchase products from suppliers without the need to buy in bulk or to contact the suppliers directly. They can also provide complimentary products from more than one supplier or wholesaler so the end user can have a choice of similar products supplied by different manufacturers. This provides choice for the customers and improves competition between the suppliers to provide the products at the best price affordable to the buyer and to their specifications.

  2. Diversity and variety of products can be provided by a good retailer who can sell products from multiple suppliers. Finding a good retailer adds value for the customer who can make comparisons between complimentary or alternative products available.

  3. Good retailers may be offered exclusivity with a supplier to ensure that competitors’ products are not sold alongside your products in the same category. A good retailer can provide brand identity for ranges of products enhancing reputations and loyalty for the consumers. Retailers can also provide the point of physical contact for the consumers to see and assess the products in reality. A good retailer will introduce new products their buyers may otherwise be unaware of and can therefore stimulate extra sales.