Find Retailers

Finding retailers for your products is a great way to expand your sales channel and increase your profits.

  1. Know the retailer - Understand what the retailer can deliver in terms of customer base and service in order for them to be in the right market and location to be able to sell your product.  Find a retailer that already sells similar products successfully who could either add your products and services to their portfolio or who could use you as a preferred supplier to their current ones.

  2. Identify the type of retailer – As a supplier of your products you will be best suited to know which type of retailer is best placed to sell your products. Determine the most suitable retailer in terms of location, pricing and quality and approach them directly to see if you could sell them your products.

  3. Google search for retailers - Use the internet to identify the different types of retailers in the areas you are looking to increase your  sales or find internet retailers with buyers of similar products.

  4. What volumes and value can they purchase - It is important to find a retailer who can afford to buy the products in advance for stock if required or who can sell them online and deliver. The retailer should be able to add sufficient margins to your prices to make a profit on the sale.

  5. Identify where your competitors are – Find a retailer that is not already in competition for your target customers. Is the retailer able to either use you as a supplier or add you as an additional supplier for their business? It is not ideal to be offering high quality products to discount retailers to sell or to retailers that already have your competitors products unless you can better their margins and increase their sales.

  6. Use B2B directories – On-line business directories such as The Reseller Network are excellent opportunities for suppliers to find  retailers who could sell your products. Retailers use such sites to find new suppliers and products that could add value to their business.

  7. Finding the right Retailer - As a supplier it is important that your products are sold through suitable retail outlets and that the retailer can provide the right demographic of buyers in a location where the demand for the product will exist.

  8. A Suitable Knowledge - The retailer must have the correct level of knowledge to ensure the product is what the buyer wants or has a need for. The more technical or complicated your products are the more help the end user will require in determining that your product is the right one for them. This information can successfully be given by selecting the right retailer for your products.

  9. Display your Products - If your product can be effectively displayed by the retailer this will affect your choice too as the correct environment is essential to attract the buyers to your product. They can place it in a location where it will be seen by potential buyers looking for your type of product. If you have exclusivity then the retailer may not offer for sale any competitors brands and this will increase your products sales.