What makes a good wholesaler?

There are many considerations that determine what makes a good wholesaler for your business;

A good wholesaler should meet your requirements in terms of price and product quality.

A good wholesaler should be able to supply the volume of goods required to meet your demand and in a reliable and timely fashion.

Good wholesalers who provide good service will normally have a good reputation within their industry.

The terms and conditions, credit facilities (if applicable) and location are key factors when determining what makes a good wholesaler.

When importing products from a wholesaler outside your country, ensure they can provide the necessary regulation information for the products you wish to resell.

It is always advisable to research, review and contact the wholesaler to ensure that they can supply the right products for your business.

Most good wholesalers will say they supply to the trade only, so ensure they can supply excluding certain taxes that are added to consumer purchases. Local taxes will not be included if the wholesaler is delivering to a reseller outside their countries jurisdiction. Import taxes will be applied by the receiving authority of the reseller. If taxes like VAT are included then the supplier is not a good wholesaler but rather a discounted reseller.

Whilst the cheapest price is always appealing it does not necessarily make a good wholesaler. The cheapest price is worthless if the goods are not fit for purpose or the supplier can not maintain a steady supply to meet your demand.

Ultimately a good wholesaler is determined by a combination of all these factors which may vary in priority depending on your specific requirements.

In order to find a good wholesaler use reputable resources like The Reseller Network where who provide reliable information from validated companies reducing your risk of being conned by an fraudulent trader.