Find wholesale Suppliers

To find wholesale suppliers quickly and easily follow these tips;

  1. Know which product(s) you’re looking for - Before you begin trying to find a wholesaler it’s advisable to know the types of products they wish to sell to their customers. This doesn’t necessarily need to be the exact make and model; just the product type is a good start. If you’re planning expand your product range or start a business and need inspiration try browsing merchants on as a starting point.
  2. Order volumes & budget – Understanding the quantities you require or your budget available will make finding the best wholesale supplier for your business much easier.  It’s actually one of the first questions a wholesale supplier will ask you and will ultimately determine whether they will supply your business and at what price.
  3. Understand the supply chain - Finding a wholesaler is much easier if you understand where exactly you fit between the manufacturer and consumer. If you are not familiar with the supply chain and various types of wholesale suppliers you may wish to read our “Types of Suppliers” article at Consider where your desired product is manufactured; if abroad consider the cost of importing compared to the cost of sourcing from a distributor in your country. The easiest way to find out is to find and contact some manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. This can be done quickly and easily by browsing and contacting Merchants on The Reseller Network or alternatively you can you use search engines or directories although this may take more time and effort.
  4. Contact & negotiate with wholesale suppliers - Once you have identified your product, understand its distribution channel, know your order volumes or budget,  found a wholesale supplier or 2 that supply what you’re looking for it’s time to make contact and negotiate terms and pricing. The nearer to the source of the supply chain i.e. the manufacturer you can purchase from the better the price you’ll get, although this may require larger minimum order values. Unit cost, delivery time scales, quality control, returns policies and guarantees will be important points when negotiating with wholesaler suppliers. Finding and contacting wholesale suppliers on is the quickest and easiest way to make direct contact with the relevant person, particularly when dealing with bigger brands. You could also use search engines or business directories to find wholesale suppliers, however that will require you ringing around or email which may take longer.
  5. Can’t find the right wholesale supplier? - We recommend you contact all available wholesale suppliers, sometimes finding the right product or the right price can just time but it is generally worth the effort. If after speaking to the wholesalers you still can’t find the right wholesaler to supply your business, contact The Reseller Network and ask us to help, it’s free! If we think it’s possible to find what you’re looking for we’ll help you! If we feel your requirements are unrealistic we may offer some alternative solutions to help you achieve your goal and make some money.
  6. Additional resources to find wholesale suppliers – Business networks such as LinkedIn can help resellers to find wholesale or suppliers for products in various industries and categories. Join groups and forums relative to your industry can be useful however you receive bad advice under best intentions or be approached by spammers or scammers, which is worth bearing in mind. Trade publications are also worth a read if possible and exhibitions can also be attended to find a wholesaler supplying products in your country or area if the time and travel expense is affordable and justifiable.