Types of wholesalers There are 7 types of wholesalers; 

  1. Merchant Wholesalers – These wholesale suppliers own and produce a product or service and resell their products to resellers, retailers, distributors and other wholesalers. If you can buy the products you require direct from the supplier you will usually be able to obtain the best prices and profit margins.

  2. General Wholesalers - Wholesalers that fall into this category will usually buy large quantities of products from one or more suppliers and will be intending to add value to them by reselling in smaller quantities to distributors, retailers and resellers. This type of wholesale supplier will often have multiple suppliers adding diversity to their product range and choice for their customers. This type of wholesaler may resell products from a number of different industries and in several different categories.

  3. Speciality Wholesalers - This type of wholesaler will resell products in a specific industry or product category, but may have products from multiple suppliers. Because specialty wholesalers specialize in a specific industry or product type they tend to have good product knowledge and good pricing.

  4. Specific Product Wholesalers - These are wholesalers who only supply 1 type of product for example footwear or computers. They may supply several brands but only within one product category. Manufacturers often use this type of wholesaler to distribute one or more of their products.

  5. Discount Wholesalers – This type of wholesaler will supply significantly discounted stock. Generally the stock is discounted because the products are discontinued lines, returned goods or refurbished goods.

  6. Drop Ship Wholesalers - This type of wholesaler will complete the sale of a product but will have it dispatched from their supplier directly to their customer without actually handling the goods.

  7. On-line Wholesaler - Wholesalers who sell their products on-line offer discounted prices as they can reduce their overheads such as rent and rates of physical premises. This type of wholesaler is therefore able to add a lower percentage to their purchase price and still make margin.