How to increase your revenue as a VAR

There a several simple ways to increase revenue as a VAR. As VAR it is important to capitalise on new revenues available by offering product upgrades to your existing customers.

In many cases for every product that is sold a VAR has the opportunity to offer additional services, support or warranties, thus providing an opportunity to increase the revenue of each sale.

To be a successful VAR you will need to be skilled at identifying opportunities to offer additional products or services at the point of sale to increase you revenue.

New products and services are constantly being developed by new and existing suppliers. Each of these new innovations could be a new product or replace a redundant product in your portfolio. Each product presents VARs with the potential to increase revenue from new and existing customers.

As with any business to increase your revenue it is vital to grow your customer base by expanding geographically, entering new verticals, establishing new markets or winning your competitors market share. One of the best ways to grow your business is of course through strategic collaboration with other suppliers and even other VARs who do not directly compete.

VARs can also expand their sales channels to increase revenue by establishing their own channel of VARs.