Benefits of becoming a VAR

There are many benefits of becoming a VAR (value added reseller).  VARs can benefit from partnering with reputable suppliers providing access to technical support and technology advancements. By becoming a VAR you could benefit from offering new products from reputable suppliers to new and existing customers, without the expense of research and development.

VARs also benefit from sales and marketing support from suppliers. This can include sales and marketing literature, advertising, leads and data. Suppliers often have an allocated budget for such support and therefore may offer it at no cost to VARs.

VARs typically receive complimentary training and support from the suppliers. In some circumstances a VAR will need to be certified before being able to sell a product or service benefiting the VAR with added credibility in the market place.

VARs are independent enough to react swiftly to technology advancements, economic changes or changes in the market place. The benefit of being a VAR is you can adjust your products and suppliers accordingly to remain competitive.