What a VAR can do for your business

A VAR (value added reseller) can place your products in front of customers that require integrated solutions at the point of delivery. Using a VAR’s experience and skills they can incorporate your products or solutions into the packages they offer to their customers, growing your business.

A VAR can grow your business and increase your sales. VAR’s can add value by combining your products with other products or adding value by offering additional support or service for your product. This can take your product beyond an off-the-shelf purchase and expand your sales channel.

A VAR is ideally placed for renewing business as they often have very good relationships with their customers. When you introduce updates or new products, VARs are well positioned to promote and sell to them as upgrades to their existing customers.

A VAR is ideally placed to solve problems by offering your products and services as solution where suitable.

VARs can enhance your products by adding other products, services or support to what may otherwise be a standalone sale.

VARs often have a strong customer bases and geographic regions, making it easier to target new markets within areas or countries not yet targeted in your existing sales channels.

VARs also often have recurring revenues and competitive margins as trusted providers of solutions with a track record of customer satisfaction.