Merchant Profile Top Tips

Simply having a merchant profile on puts your opportunity in front of thousands of resellers globally who are looking for new opportunities to increase their revenues. However to optimise your results follow these Top Tips;

Company Logo

Make sure you upload your logo. Your logo is your brands identity and at a glance distinguishes your profile from your competitors. It also makes it easier for resellers who are searching for your profile to find you.

Company Description

Keep your company description short and concise. The first 3 lines appear in the Browse Merchants search results and will also show in the New Merchants Email to all relevant resellers the first Monday after your profile goes live. It’s important to summarise what’s special about your business to grab resellers’ attention and encourage them to view your profile.

Description of Reseller Opportunity

Once a reseller is viewing your profile and your opportunity you have their attention however, to make maximise reseller interests you should keep the description of your opportunity concise and include:
  • Product details including unique selling points
  • Overview of the type of reseller opportunity
  • The type of resellers you’re looking for
  • Where geographically you’re looking for resellers
  • Keywords that resellers will search
  • The incentive for resellers to join your program
  • A call to action to hit ‘Send Interest’ to contact you
As well as ensuring that your profile includes all the necessary information, you should also format the text to make it easy to read and insert some images to make it look more appealing to resellers.

Add Your Products

Whether you sell physical products, virtual products or services, you should add as many of your products with as much detail as possible. Resellers who are looking for specific products often search Browse Products and each product you add is another search result for Resellers find. More products equals, more search results, more views and more sales for your business. Unlike other marketplaces you can list products for information purposes only and sell offline in your normal way or you can enable your approved resellers to order and pay through The Reseller Network. However you choose to work there are no product listing fees and no commission on the sales generated. If you do sell your products online and they sell well they may even feature as Trending Products increasing reach and sales even further at no cost.

Profile Images

Profile images such as Product Images, Photos, Banner Adverts, Logos, Marketing / Promotional Collateral really enhance your profile and increase the level of interest from prospective resellers. The more images the better. You can upload images in jpeg, gif, png format and they can even be animated. We’ll resize the images automatically if necessary so it’s really quick and easy to significantly enhance your profile.

Profile Videos

Videos are a powerful and effective ways to communicate your message. If you use videos within your business share Product Demonstrations, Adverts, News, Events, Customer Testimonials, Tutorials, Webinars & How To videos through your Profile Videos page.

Profile Documents

The profile documents feature enables Merchants to upload documents that help engage and support resellers. You may wish to upload documents such as Product Catalogues, Wholesale Price Lists, Reseller Agreements, Marketing Material and Support Literature for example. You can control who is able to view and download each document by selecting one of the following; Not Visible, Visible to Everyone or Approved Resellers Only. Supported file types are *.pdf, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.txt, *.csv, *.doc, *.docx, *.ppt, *.pptx and up to a maximum file size of 10MB per file.

News & Promotions

Sharing News & Promotions is one of the most proactive ways to reach our resellers who opt in to receive these weekly emails. Through your profile settings we know which of our Resellers are relevant to your profile and any articles you share are automatically emailed to these Resellers at no extra cost. Promotions are emailed to resellers every Wednesday and News is emailed every Friday. The more you share, the more reach and therefore the more business you generate. However, the more interesting, relevant and engaging your articles the better the engagement so share quality articles for the best response.

Examples of what you can share:

News - New noteworthy events or stories such as; Press Releases, New Product Launches, Awards, New Partnerships or Acquisitions etc.

Promotions – Anything that is not ‘News’ including; Special Offers, Incentives, Product Information, Resellers Wanted and anything else that is promotional.

Profile Questions

If you would like to prequalify reseller interests you can use our dynamic profile questions to create a bespoke questionnaire for resellers to complete registering their interest in your profile. Questions can be answered by free text boxes, drop downs, radio buttons and tick boxes. You can determine whether each question is mandatory or optional. By creating questions you can get all the information you need such as; where they are located, their website, which product(s) they are interested in etc. all at the point of contact.

Invite Contacts

Invite your existing Resellers to join and connect with you on The Reseller Network so they can receive live notifications of all your updates, news and promotions. If you sell your products on The Reseller Network your approved resellers can buy and review your products. You also receive 1 Day Free Credit for each new Follower, Interest & Connection which means each of your resellers that joins and connects with you earns you an extra 1 Day Free Credit.  

Respond Quickly To New Reseller Interests

You will receive an email notification subject ‘New Reseller Interest’ as soon as a reseller registers their interest in your opportunity. It is important to respond to reseller interests as soon as possible even if just to acknowledge them and let them know you will contact them soon. If you do not respond to reseller interests quickly they may lose interest or contact your competitors! Approve & Decline reseller interests accordingly.

Monitor Your Profile Stats

Monitor your profile stats to track the number views, interests, approved & declined resellers. Use your stats as you would with something like Google Adwords, if your profile is receiving a lot of views (clicks) but is not converting interests then update and tweak your profile accordingly increase the conversion rate.

Promote Your Profile

To help you link and promote your Merchant Profile easily, we've provided a selection of icons below to suit most websites. Simply copy and paste the code for your chosen icon into your website to link directly to your profile.

Get Free Credit

Resellers can engage with Merchants in one of 3 ways;

Send Interest – To apply to become a reseller.
– For existing resellers who want to connect.
Follow – For resellers who want to follow your updates.

Merchants receive 1 Day Free Credit for each new Interest, Connection and Follower. The more active you are the more reach and engagement you receive, which in turn reduces the cost and increases your return on investment.

Click ‘Invite Contacts’ to invite your existing Resellers to join and connect with you and receive 1 day free credit for each connection.

By clicking ‘Promote My Profile’ and adding one of our icons and a link to your profile on your website you will also benefit from an additional 3 Months Free Credit.

Increase Your Reach

Browse Merchants results are sorted in order of most recent login. Every time you login to your merchant profile your profile becomes the first result in Browse Merchants so logging in from time to time will increase your exposure at no cost. Reseller profiles also have a news feed providing real time updates from Merchants who match their profile. Each time you update your profile, add images or videos, post news or promotions, upload documents or approve resellers the update appears in the resellers news feed where they can engage with you directly.

There are also several proactive ways that you can increase your exposure and the level of interest in your opportunity such as:

  • Featured Merchant Logo on Scrolling Banner
  • Banner Advert

For further details please contact us.