Ensure that when you start or expand a business you have a full comprehension of the legal aspects required under English law. Topics that must be researched include aspects from registering the type of business, applicable licenses for operation, protecting your brand or product, employment and tax legislation, business insurance and liability, data protection, to environmental issues and ethics. This will enable you to maintain the necessary records, understand contracts with resellers and suppliers, meet specified requirements of organisations and departments, and facilitate the legal operation of your business.

Reseller Contracts

A reseller agreement or contract will always identify the two parties and the terms and conditions of purchase and sale/resale with respect to quantities, prices and/or commission to be paid. It will outline the conditions that apply to the reseller and the responsibilities in detail of both parties including the period of validity and the method of reselling/rebranding.  The integrity of both supplier and reseller should be verified and the contract only signed once both or all signatories are satisfied with its content.

Reseller Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for the reseller will explain the definitions used by the vendor and details of fees, payments, and renewal or termination clauses. It will outline applicable consents required, the extent of liability and indemnity, the laws that apply, privacy statements and disclaimers, and the ownership and accuracy of data.