Here you can add, view and manage your discounts. If you have created a lot of discounts you can search and filer by discount name, discount code or discount type to find and update a discount. To create a new discount click the Add New button and update the following;

Name – the name of the discount

Discount Type – Choose whether you want to assign the discount to order total, products, categories, manufacturers, shipping or order subtotal.

Use Percentage – Select this option if you wish to discount by a percentage for example 10% off.

Discount Amount – Select this option if you wish to discount by a fixed amount for example £10 off.

Start Date – The date you wish to make the discount available

End Date – The date the discount will expire.

Requires Coupon – Select this option if you wish to create a coupon code in order for users to get the discount.

Discount Limitation – Select whether the discount can be used an unlimited amount of times by unlimited users, limited amount of times for all users or a limited amount of times for each customer.

Requirements – If you wish you can also set specific requirements in order to receive the discount such as total spent by the reseller, all required products have been purchased or one required product has been bought.

Once you have added all necessary details simply click the save button.