Shipping Rate Computation Methods

This is where you determine how shipping will be calculated, you can either choose fixed rate shipping or shipping by weight. If you offer free shipping or able to offer fixed cost shipping for all orders regardless of the quantity of items ordered then fixed cost shipping is the easiest option to configure. If you ship to many countries where the cost depends on how many items are ordered and the weight of each shipment, then you will need to use shipping by weight in order to charge the correct shipping costs. 

Fixed Cost Shipping - Click configure and then select Edit for the shipping method you want to configure. Next enter the shipping rate and select the delivery date then click update to save your changes.

Shipping By Weight – It is import first to note that in order to calculate the shipping cost by weight each of your products must include their weight in Kgs. If you have added the weights of your products then configuring shipping by weight enables set shipping methods and costs for each country that you ship to. First click configure and the Add New which will open a new window where you can set the following:

Country – select from the dropdown which of the countries you sell to that want to configure
State / Province – to configure shipping by state select the state to configure. (this is not mandatory)
Zip – to configure shipping zip code enter the zip to configure (this is not mandatory)
Shipping Method – select which of your shipping methods to configure
Delivery Date – select the delivery date for this shipping method and country
Order Weight From – input the minimum order weight
Order Weight To – input the maximum order weight
Additional Fixed Cost – if applicable enter a value for additional fixed cost for this method
Lower Weight Limit – the lower weight limit from which the additional cost is applicable
Rate Per Weight Unit – the cost per kg 
Charge Percentage (of subtotal) – if applicable enter a value for example 10 if you wish to charge 10% of the order subtotal