Tax Providers

Tax providers determines how you calculate tax on your orders. You have two options for calculating tax, either you can calculate tax at a fixed rate or you can calculate tax by country, state & ZIP code if applicable. If you are only selling domestically to resellers in your country it is recommended to use the fixed rate method for simplicity. If you are selling resellers in multiple countries worldwide you will need to configure tax by country.

Fixed Rate – click configure and select the rate box for the tax category you wish to configure and enter the percentage. For example for UK VAT you would enter 20 to calculate value added tax at 20%.

Tax By Country, State & Zip – click configure then from the country drop down select the country (plus state & zip if applicable) you wish to configure, choose the tax category and enter the percentage. 

For example:

Country: United Kingdom  
Tax Category: UK VAT 
Percentage: 20

For countries that you sell to that are tax exempt you need to add them and set the percentage to 0% otherwise they will not be able to complete the checkout process. 

For example:

Country: United States  
Tax Category: UK VAT 
Percentage: 0

Repeat the process for each country that you sell too. Once configured tax will automatically be calculated and charged at the correct rate for all orders.