How to become a merchant

Register your merchant profile on The Reseller Network

If you have an existing reseller program then registering your company profile is the first step to growing your business through a network of resellers, affiliate, distributors or partners. If your business does not have a reseller program yet you will need to create one first.

Choose the right resellers

It is likely that you will be many companies wishing to resell your products or services however you must avoid the temptation of approving them all in the quest for maximum growth for 2 reasons. Firstly there is little sense in approving a reseller who does not generate sales or at least enough sales to make it worth your while. You also need to make sure that the companies you approve share the same values as your business and will not damage your brands reputation.

Agree terms & start growing

You need to ensure that you are suitably protect by the terms of your reseller agreement but you also need to ensure that there is sufficient opportunity and reward for your resellers to make it worth their while too. Once you have agreed your terms give your resellers everything they need to get started and watch the sales come in. Support your resellers It is in your interest to support your resellers and make sure they have everything they need to continue growing your business. If you are unable to supply their demand they may loose interest in selling your product or switch to a new merchant who can meet the demand.