Resellers Pending

You will receive an email notification for each new reseller interest that you receive at which point they will become a Pending Reseller and this is where you can view them. You will have a list of Pending Resellers showing the company name and date of the initial interest. To view an interest click on their company name at which point you will be able to view their logo, company name, company description, their message and if applicable the answers to your profile questions. If you need additional information you can Message them or if prefer you can contact them offline via phone or email. However, to keep a full and accurate history as well as managing all your resellers in one place we recommend messaging through our website. Once you are ready you can them approve or decline the interest accordingly. Every merchant and every reseller are different so you maintain full control of which resellers to approve and how you wish to work with them moving forward. Once you approve them be sure to provide clear instructions to the reseller on next steps so that they can get stated ASAP.