Invite Contacts

The invite contacts feature enables you to invite your existing Resellers to join and connect with you on The Reseller Network so that they can receive live notifications of all your updates, news and promotions. If you sell your products on The Reseller Network your approved resellers can buy and review your products. You also receive 1 Day Free Credit for each new Follower, Interest & Connection which means each of your resellers that joins and connects with you earns you an extra 1 Day Free Credit.

To invite your contacts first choose whether you want to invite contact from your email provider or import a excel list of contacts select Excel or type the email addresses manually. 

If you choose an email provider enter your email and password then we will import a list of your contacts which you can the select / deselect to receive an invitation. Once your list of recipients is ready click Send Invitations and we’ll email an invitation to each of your selected recipients. 

If you choose excel first download the sample template when you click excel and prepare your contacts in this format. When you are ready browse, upload the file and click Send Invitations.

If you choose to type the emails enter the recipient(s) first name, last name and email then click Add to add them to your list of recipients. Repeat this process until you have added all intended recipients and then click Send Invitations.