My Profile Questions

Profile questions enables Merchants to create a dynamic questionnaire for resellers to complete when registering their interest in becoming a reseller. This is a very useful feature if you want to capture certain information such as; email address, phone number, website, location, products of interest, years trading, qualifications etc. If you have a strict expectation of what constitutes the ideal reseller for your business then by using the profiles question feature you can prequalify resellers at the point on contact, saving you time and enabling you to respond quickly with the correct next steps.

To add profile questions first click the Add Question button and then select the question type. You can choose between the following:

Static Text – If you want to write a statement that does not require an answer.
Single Line Textbox – For short freetext answers that require only a few words.
Multi-Line Textbox – For longer freetext answers that require more than one sentence.
Dropdown List – For single answer selection from a dropdown list of possible answers.
Radio Button List – For single answer selection from a list of possible answers.
Checkbox List – For questions where there can be more than one answer.

First select the question type and write the question. For single and multi-line textbox questions the user will provide the answer. For dropdown, radio button and checkbox questions you need to provide the answers that resellers can choose from adding 1 answer per line. Choose whether the answer is mandatory or not and whether you want the question hidden or not. There is no limit to the number of questions you can add however if you add too many questions users may give up before completing all the answers resulting in lost opportunities.