How to become a reseller

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Find the right product

If you have an existing business or customer base and are looking for additional products consider your customer demographic and look for value added products with synergy to your existing business, but don’t be surprised if in your search you are inspired by something unexpected and we certainly agree with innovation and evolution in business. If you are starting a business as a reseller you must first decide what kind of products you are interested in selling. Research merchants and find out what is required to set up and what your overheads and revenues could be so that you can write your business plan and make an informed decision.

Find the right Merchant

There are several considerations when choosing a merchant to resell for. You naturally will want to choose the merchant that offers you the best returns for your sales but you must also be aware of the differences between the reseller agreements. For example a merchant may offer 10% more revenue per sale but require 50% more work making the lower return better value. You should compare different merchant’s reseller agreements and consider the different way of remuneration. Consider how you will track your sales to ensure that you are paid accordingly. Make sure that the terms of the reseller agreement are fair and be aware of both your duties as a reseller and the duties of the merchant to you as well as the term of the contract particularly if you are required to make a financial commitment. The key to being a successful and profitable reseller is choosing a reliable product(s), from a reputable company with good profit margins, a straight forward reseller agreement that is easy to track and manage!

Agree terms & begin selling

Once you have identified the right product and merchant you are in a position to agree terms. Always make sure that you fully understand every clause within the contract and your responsibilities when you sign. Once you are satisfied, all you need to do is sign the contract and implement your marketing strategy to begin selling your new product.