My News and Promos

Sharing News & Promotions is one of the most proactive ways to reach our resellers who opt in to receive these weekly emails. Through your profile settings in Edit Profile we know which of our Resellers are relevant to your profile and all articles you share are automatically emailed to these Resellers at no extra cost. Promotions are emailed to resellers every Wednesday and News is emailed every Friday. The more you share, the more reach and therefore the more business you generate. However, the more interesting, relevant and engaging your articles the better the engagement so share quality articles for the best response. 

Examples of what you can share:

News - New noteworthy events or stories such as; Press Releases, New Product Launches, Awards, New Partnerships or Acquisitions etc.

Promotions – Anything that is not ‘News’ including; Special Offers, Incentives, Product Information, Resellers Wanted and anything else that is promotional.

To add a news or promotion article first click the Add Artile button, select whether it is a News or Promotion article and be sure to pick the most appropriate for the best response. Promotions posted as news or content that could be considered spam will be moved or deleted without notice. Once you have selected the article type it’s time to add the title and then the article itself. 

If you are copying an article from you’re a news section on your website or an HTML email newsletter you will find that copy & paste will add the content including text, links and images for you. You may need to do some minor editing but this is very quick and easy to do.

If you write your article from scratch you can easily format the text, include links and images into your article using the WYSYWIG buttons. To insert an image into your opportunity description follow these steps:

1. While editing your article in a separate browser tab upload the desired image(s) to your Profile Images and ensure you select visible to yes.

2. In this new tab view your profile and view the image that you want to include.

3. Right click and select ‘copy image URL’ or ‘copy image location’ or similar depending on your browser so that you can copy the URL / link to this image.

4. Return to your first tab where you are editing your article and click in article body box to place the cursor where you want add the image.

5. Just above the article body box there are some WYSIWYG buttons, to add an image click the image button on the far right.

6. This will open a pop up where you can paste the image URL that you copied, before you paste the link make sure you delete the http:// that is already there.

7. You should now see the image in the opportunity section and depending on your browser you can select and drag to resize the image. Maximum width is 750 pixels.

It is important to note that News & Promotions articles will only be visible and get emailed to our reseller base when you have credit. If you have not purchased a Top Up or your credit has run out you will need to purchase a Top Up to add some credit to your account.