My Profile Images

As a Merchant you can upload an unlimited number of images to your profile such as product images, banner images, photos and logos etc. Images are very engaging add lots of images when creating your profile and also continue to upload new content when it is available. Every time you upload a new image to your profile it will be displayed in the live event feed of every Reseller who matches your profile according to your settings in Edit Profile. By continuing to update your profile you will increase your reach and engagement. 

To add an image simply click Add Image then browse and select the file you wish to upload. Add a caption for the image and choose whether you want to image hidden or not. If you select yes to hidden the image will not be visible to users viewing your profile. In Most cases you will want to display the image so will need to select no to hidden. Once you have added the image, caption and selected whether it is hidden or not click save. The image will now be visible on your profile images tab when you view your profile. The Reseller Network supports all common image formats such as .jpg .jpeg .png .gif and there are no size limitations. If the image needs resizing the website will automatically take care of this. If you wish to change the order of your images you can drag and drop by clicking and dragging the up / down arrows on the left hand side. You can also edit and delete images by selecting the appropriate link on the right.