Edit My Profile

This is where you begin to create your Merchant Profile that will be used to reach and engage your target audience within our global reseller base. It is very import that you take time to set your profile up correctly and make it really engaging in order to maximise its performance. 

Your Logo is the first step and although you can upload photos instead of a logo, we recommend that you add your company logo. Your company logo is your brand identity and Merchants who use company logo instead of photos typically generate more interest. To upload a logo click the button to browse and select the file you want to upload. Image formats supported include .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif. We will resize your image to fit if necessary however the actual size is 150 x 150 pixels to avoid your logo looking squashed or tiny you should use a square image as close to these dimensions as possible.

Your Short Company Description should be exactly this. Approximately the first 3 lines of your company description will appear in the Browse Merchants search and will also show in the Weekly New Merchants Email together with your logo the first Monday after you join. This means it is vital to have a short punchy description that explains what your company does whilst selling the benefit(s) of your company. 

Description of Reseller Opportunity should clearly detail the opportunity for resellers to work with you, for example are you looking for resellers, retailers, distributors, affiliates or franchisees? You should include an overview of your product(s) or service(s) and their benefits so that resellers understand why they should contact you.  Make it clear which types of reseller you are looking to work with and where geographically you want to find resellers. Explain what you offer resellers, how they can resell your products or services and how they get earn revenue as a reseller. With thousands of Merchants resellers have plenty of choice so a single sentence saying “looking for resellers” will not work well so it’s important to make the effort to describe your opportunity as best as you can. 

Using the WYSIWYG buttons you can also format the text and include images to make your profile more engaging. Merchants who include a clear heading and include images well as having a great description of their opportunity get the best response from resellers. To insert an image into your opportunity description follow these steps:

  1. While editing your profile in a separate browser tab upload the desired image(s) to your Profile Images and ensure you select visible to yes.
  2. In this new tab view your profile and view the image that you want to include.
  3. Right click and select ‘copy image URL’ or ‘copy image location’ or similar depending on your browser so that you can copy the URL / link to this image.
  4. Return to your first tab where you are editing your profile and click in the opportunity description box to place the cursor where you want add the image.
  5. Just above the opportunity there are some WYSIWYG buttons, to add an image click the image button on the far right.
  6. This will open a pop up where you can paste the image URL that you copied, before you paste the link make sure you delete the http:// that is already there.
  7. You should now see the image in the opportunity section and depending on your browser you can select and drag to resize the image. Maximum width is 950 pixels.

To target and reach the right audience select each of the locations where you want to find resellers, select the industry(s) that your business operates in and also each type of reseller that you want to work with. It is important to select all locations, industries and reseller types that are relevant but only those that are relevant.

Do not select anything that is not relevant as this has no value to anyone and will disengage resellers. For example, if you are manufacture computer equipment you would select technology as your industry but do not beauty. If you do not have a franchise for sale don’t select that you are looking for franchisees and if you don’t run an affiliate program don’t select that you are looking for affiliates.