Benefits of using distributors

There are many benefits of using distributors but ultimately the main benefit of using a distributor is that they can sell your products and generate significant income quickly.

Established customer base

Possibly the single most important benefit of using a distributor is that all established distributors already have good relationships with an existing customer base of resellers and retailers. This means that once a distributor gets hold of new products they can very quickly promote them to their customers and start generating sales.

Sales & Marketing Expertise

Another benefit of using distributors is that they are experienced at both sales and marketing and understand very well how best to sell to their customers.  Distributors are therefore able to take new products and promote them in the most effective way to their resellers to achieve the best sales results. It after all, it is as much in their interest to sell your products as it is in yours because once they have purchased products they only make a profit when they sell them.

Storage & Logistics

Using distributors also means that you benefit from a significant amount of storage space without the need to invest in physical premises to store your products. To add to the benefit of extended storage space distributors also have established and reliable logistics which means they can move products quickly and cost effectively.

Wider distribution channel

By using distributors your business can benefit from a much greater distribution channel without the need to have a physical presence in each territory. This means not only can your products reach a much wider consumer audience increasing sales but you can also make significant financial savings through not requiring additional premises and staff.

Quick route to market

Another major benefit of using a distribution channel to take your product to market is the speed at which your products can reach consumers globally. By using distributors for each territory you can quickly ensure your products have national or global coverage helping your business maximise sales potential and profitability.