Find Distributors

To find distributors that can supply your business is quick, easy and free, simply Browse Merchants and search our global network of distributors to find local distributors in your industry.

The Reseller Network is completely free for resellers to join and use. You don’t have to be registered to find distributors however by registering a free reseller profile you’ll gain full access and be able to contact distributors of interest directly through the site. Reseller profiles are invisible unless you contact a Merchant, at which point the Merchant can view your profile and contact you to answer your enquiry.

Manufacturers and vendors with an established distribution channel that wish to expand by finding new distributors to increase sales should register a merchant profile. Registration is free and once topped up you will get exposure to our global network of distributors who are proactively looking for new products and suppliers to add value and increase their revenue streams.

Manufacturers or vendors that wish to establish a distribution channel should first identify their target market in order to find suitable distributors. To be successful distributors should be located in suitable geographic territories and have experience selling similar types of products. Experienced distributors with plenty of storage, reliable logistics and a strong customer base of resellers can generate significant volumes of sales. Ultimately this can help you get your product to market quickly making your business more profitable.

Usually manufacturers and vendors are responsible for providing distributors with marketing material, incentives and support to help maximise sales. When finding and agreeing terms with new distributors, manufacturers and vendors may also set sales targets and expectations in order to become and continue to be a distributor of their products. A good relationship and a good understanding of each others responsibilities will set the foundations for successful, profitable and long term partnership.

When you are ready to begin receiving enquires and speaking to new potential distributors register a merchant profile so that our distributors can find and contact you to apply to distribute your products.