Reseller Profile Top Tips

Simply having a reseller profile on gives you access to a global network of leading brands and thousands of opportunities to increase your revenue. However, a reseller profile doesn’t guarantee that leading brands will accept your request and approve you as reseller. Follow these tips to help increase your success rate;

Company Logo

If you have a company logo, upload it. Although reseller profiles are only visible to Merchants you contact when you do contact Merchants a company logo instantly makes you appear more credible and appealing. If you don’t have a logo upload a photo of yourself like you would for a profile picture on a social network.

Company Description

When you contact a Merchant they will view your profile so if you are an existing business include a description of your business. If you do not include a description of your business you are unlikely to get a positive response. If you are looking to start a business include a brief background description of yourself, your expertise and the type of business you plan to start.

I’m looking for…

To help us understand what you’re looking for tick all relevant merchant types, opportunities, industries and locations. These tick boxes will also ensure you receive only notifications about New Merchants, News & Promotions from Merchant that match who match your interests.

Browse Merchants

Once you have completed your profile you are ready to start looking for new opportunities to add new revenue to your business. To find new opportunities go to Browse Merchants where you can browse all Merchants and opportunities. Unlike any other platform you can find new suppliers as well as franchise and affiliate opportunities. Use the advanced search filters to refine your search by opportunity type, merchant type and location.

Browse Products

We recently added over 4,000 new product categories so you can now filter by industry, main category and subcategory to find products. If you know exactly what you are looking for you can search by keyword, SKU or manufacturer part number etc. You can view, compare or add products to your wishlist however, before you can order products you first need to Send Interest and be Approved by the Merchant. Once approved by a Merchant you will be able to place orders for all their products using their preferred order method at any time moving forward.

Franchise Opportunities

The franchise opportunities section shows all of the Merchants that have a franchise opportunity available. If you are specifically want to find a franchise opportunity you can use this section to search all current franchise opportunities.

Affiliate Programs

The affiliate programs section show all of the Merchants that have affiliate programs available. If you are specifically looking for affiliate programs to join, you can use this section to search all affiliate programs.

Who can see my profile?

To protect your privacy and enable you to use The Reseller Network in confidence that you won’t receive a thousand messages from Merchants trying to sell to you, your profile is only visible to Merchants that you engage with. This means that only once you Follow, Send Interest or Connect with a Merchant can they see your profile.

Following Merchants

The ‘Follow’ button enables you to follow companies of interest so that you can see their activity and receive their updates. When you follow a Merchant they can view your profile however, messaging is not enabled between Merchants & Followers. When and if you are ready to move things forward you can express your interest and enable messaging by clicking ‘Send Interest’ on their profile.

Sending Interest to Merchants

The ‘Send Interest’ button enables you to register your interest in becoming a Reseller for a Merchant or to request additional information. This is the first step to becoming a Reseller for any of our Merchants and will enable them to view your profile and message you to move things forward.

To get a positive response from Merchants you should ensure that you have edited your profile before making contact. If your profile is blank your interest may be unduly declined!

The more information you provide about yourself, your business and your requirement the more likely you are to get a positive response.

Connecting with Merchants

The ‘Connect’ button is to enable you to connect with Merchants who you are already a Reseller for. This will enable messaging between yourself and the Merchant. Many Merchants restrict some content to ‘Approved Resellers’ only so by connecting you will be able to view all content and information from your Merchants.  

To get a positive response from Merchants you should ensure that you have edited your profile before making contact. If your profile is blank your interest may be unduly declined!

When connecting with Merchants you should also confirm how you are already working with them as a Reseller.

Pending Interests

If you have contacted a Merchant and received no response they may have either overlooked your interest or did not feel your enquiry was relevant. You can message Approved and Pending Merchants through your account, so you can send a follow up message. If you do, we strongly recommend adding any additional information that supports and validates your enquiry. We are unable to share contact details for any users however, if you still get no response contact us and one of our team will investigate and follow up on your behalf.

Approved Merchants

Once you have been approved by a Merchant you are able to engage and work directly with the Merchant on their terms. Each Merchant is different so the Merchant will advise you about the sales process to resell sell their products. If the Merchant has listed their products and enabled online orders then once approved you will be able to place orders directly through The Reseller Network. If the Merchant has not enabled online orders they may ask you to order from them directly via their website or telephone.

Declined Merchants

If a Merchant declines you then unfortunately it means they did not see the fit or feel that the opportunity was right for you. There is no way for you to message each other or reapply once declined however, should the Merchant wish to reverse the decision they can. To avoid being declined make sure you have completed your profile and provide as much information as possible when registering your interest.

How to Place Orders

When you Browse Products you will notice that although there is a shopping cart and checkout all the products have a ‘Send Interest’ button instead of ‘Add to Cart’. This is because you first need to be approved as a Reseller by each Merchant before you can order their products. Merchants can choose whether to receive orders through The Reseller Network or directly via their website or telephone etc. Merchants who allow orders via The Reseller Network have a choice of Purchase Order or PayPal. Purchase order is where you can place orders online but the invoice and payment will be offline directly with the Merchant. Orders using PayPal will be paid and invoiced at the time of order on The Reseller Network using PayPal. Where orders are placed online the Merchant can notify you about shipping, delivery and if for any reason you need to, you can also submit return requests.

Invite Contacts

If there are any companies that you are already a reseller for and are not yet Merchants on The Reseller Network, invite them to join so that you can connect with them. Or if you have contacts you think would benefit from joining as Resellers then invite them too. Inviting your contacts to join as Merchants and Resellers helps to grow The Reseller Network adding even more value for all users.