Find Franchise Opportunities

To find franchise opportunites visit the Browse Merchants section on The Reseller Network to view current franchise opportunities. You do not need to register a profile to browse and find franchise opportunites, however by registering a Reseller (franchisee) on The Reseller Network you will be able you to find franchise opportunites suitable for yourself and also contact franchisors directly for detailed information on franchise opportunities of interest. There are many different industries and categories, areas and countries, and various levels of investment. The search tool in Browse Merchants will help you to find franchise opportunites that meet your criteria.

There are many other ways to find franchise opportunites, including on the internet, at exhibitions, in the press, through a consultant or trade organisation, or simply walking down a high street. The Reseller Network brings all of these mediums together in one global platform enabling franchisees, start ups and entrepreneurs to get all the information, resources and current franchise opportunities in one easy place completely free of charge.

To find the franchise opportunity that is right for you it is important to establish what you would enjoy committing your time and investment to, where your interests will permit dedication and effort to deliver business success, and which franchisor can provide the training support and products or service which will enable you to be successful as a franchisee.

Both new and established franchisors use The Reseller Network to find new franchisees as their preferred method of expansion. It is important to find a franchise opportunity that can supply the right product or service that you will be confident you can find customers for, in order to achieve the incomes and profits expected in return for your commitment. Browsing through different franchisors profiles and opportunities on The Reseller Network will provide information on many franchise opportunities across all industries.

Most franchisors want to find a franchisee that will want to work in hands on way in order to take advantage of someone who wants to be a successful business owner. To find a franchise that meets yours and the franchisors requirements with regards to financial commitment and capability to operate, you can consider the training and support each can offer you. Some franchisors provide all the necessary training and support and no experience may be necessary, while others may want to find a franchisee with qualifications in order to meet the requirements of the business type.

On The Reseller Network you can find franchise opportunites from a home run part time business to a well known high street brand, or a white collar business to business franchise to an online business to consumer franchise.

Researching carefully you should be able to find a franchise opportunity that will match your investment level, your personal skills and interests and your personal and family circumstances in relation to time and availability to work.

Franchisors will be looking to find a franchisee that is both motivated and has an enthusiasm for building a successful business to their established standards of sales and service. You must find a franchise opportunity that has a system and procedures to which you will adhere, as flexibility and freedom to do your own thing, will be limited by the franchisor.

It is essential to find a franchise opportunity that imposes image, products and operational standards that you approve of and can deliver for yourself. It is also essential find a franchise opportunity that is expanding successfully, to new businesses in new areas.

When you find a franchise it is not necessarily the most expensive franchise opportunity that delivers the highest incomes, but rather calculate realistically your own forecasts for costs and revenue for growing the business in your area.