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Vitali-Chi Weight Less Spritzer

Vitali-Chi Weight Less Spritzer - Helps To Control Food Cravings & Overeating

Vitali-Chi Traum-Eze Spritzer

Vitali-Chi Traum-Eze Spritzer - Frequency for Mental & Physical Trauma Relief. Promotes Recovery fro...

Vitali-Chi Time-Zone Spritzer

Vitali-Chi Time-Zone Spritzer - Frequency for Regulating Internal Body Clock. Restores Psychological...

Vitali-Chi Super-Eze Spritzer

Vitali-Chi Super-Eze Spritzer - Helps To Relieve Muscle Soreness and Stiff Joints. Natural Aid for ...

Vitali-Chi Super Pick-Me-Up Spritzer

Vitali-Chi Super Pick-Me-Up Spritzer - Help to Uplift Your Mind. Aid for Emotional Wellness

Vitali-Chi Super Detox Spritzer

Vitali-Chi Super Detox Spritzer - For Detoxification. Help to Cleanse Mind & Body

Vitali-Chi Super Calm Spritzer

Vitali-Chi Super Calm Spritzer - Frequency for Calming Nerves. Natural Aid to Relax Mind, Increase F...

Vitali-Chi Super Balance Spritzer

Vitali-Chi Super Balance Spritzer - Suitable for Replenishing Mind, Body & Soul. Regain Lost Energy ...