BEDTIME SUCKS baby blue soother

Min Order : 10
Max Order : 1000
SKU : SNUG-0018
GTIN : 10929

Funny slogan Bedtime Sucks on baby blue soother / dummy , by Snuglo™! Fun but practical Snuglo™ soothers make a cool baby gift! Silicone suction teat suitable from birth. Made to the highest quality and standard in Sweden. Complies to European safety standard EN-1400. Full instructions on how to use are included in the exclusive Snuglo packaging. Life's too short for dull dummies, so turn that frown upside down with a cheeky Snuglo™ soother. Snuglo's baby blue soother is made from the finest quality materials. Our BPA-free soothers are great for helping tired, irritable babies climb aboard the nap bus, whilst their sassy slogans are sure to raise a smile on the most sleep-deprived parents. We think you'll agree; it's the perfect gift for babies and newbie Mums and Dads.

Size 0-3 months
Colour Baby Blue
Gender Boys
Size 0-6 months
Gender Unisex
Size 12-24 months
Gender Girls
Size 2-3 years
Size 3-4 years
Size 3-6 months
Size 6-12 months
Size 4-5 years