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Organic Hand & Body Wash - The Woods (Vetiver, Cedar & Bergamot)

Stroll through the Bloomtown Woods amidst towering cedars and tangles of earthy roots in this fresh,...
RRP : £12.00

Organic Hand & Body Wash - The Spring (Unscented, Allergen-Free)

100% Allergen-Free, Unscented liquid soap for sensitive skin.
RRP : £12.00

Organic Hand & Body Wash - The Rose Garden (Musk Rose & White Florals)

While away long summer days in Bloomtown's lush, rose-strewn gardens. This isn't your gran's rose sc...
RRP : £12.00

Organic Hand & Body Wash - The Meadow (Lavender & Rose Geranium)

Relax in the Bloomtown meadows, rich with lavender, rose geranium and chamomile.
RRP : £12.00

Organic Hand & Body Wash - The Hedgerow (Blackberry & Honeysuckle)

Indulge in the summery notes of juicy blackberry and sweet honeysuckle. Inspired by the late summer ...
RRP : £12.00

Organic Hand & Body Wash - The Grove (Blood Orange & Pink Grapefruit)

Take an energising walk through Bloomtown's groves of blood orange and pink grapefruit.
RRP : £12.00

Organic Hand & Body Wash - The Cafe (Vanilla & Toasted Hazelnut)

Wake up to the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee with notes of vanilla, cocoa and toasted hazelnut.
RRP : £12.00

Exfoliating Body Wash Base with Sea Buckthorn Oil & Aloe Vera (5 & 10 litres)

This gentle Exfoliating Body Wash with natural pumice will exfoliate away dead skin cells, cleansing...

Hand & Body Wash Base with Aloe Vera & Sea Buckthorn Oil (1, 5 & 10 litres)

Our Hand & Body Wash Base with Aloe Vera and Sea Buckthorn oil will gently nourish and cleanse your ...
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