The Reseller Network Past & Future

Friday 10 January 2014 News The Reseller Network

Since The Reseller Network launched in 2010 we have enjoyed consistent global growth. Our accelerated growth and success to date can largely be accredited to our unique propostion, continued web development and an enthusiastic team who are passionate about helping businesses grow.

2013 was an incredible year for The Reseller Network and by far our best year so far. Not only did we release a major update that included several significant new features, we also saw a 300% increase in visits, registrations and interests between Resellers & Merchants as shown below;

Unique Visitors 2010 to 2013

Here is a brief summary of highlights to date;

  • Nominated New Business of the Year
  • Made Top 250 Companies to watch list
  • Merchant Dynamic Profile Questions
  • Over 300 Active Merchants
  • Enhanced Merchant Profiles
  • Enhanced Browse Merchants Search
  • Nominated Online Excellence Award
  • Over 600 Active Merchants
  • Merchant Profile Images & Videos
  • Enhanced Reseller Profiles
  • Enhanced New Merchant Notifications
  • Over 1,000 Active Merchants
  • News & Promotions Features Released
  • Wysiwyg editor to enhance Merchant Profiles
  • Complete redesign for more intuative navigation
  • 300% increase in visits, registrations & interests

What to expect in 2014?

As our history to date shows is not a company that stands still. We are delighted with our success so far however, in 2014 we will continue our delevelopment plan with more updates and new features coming soon. You can also expect an even sharper increase in the number of visits, registrations & interests between Merchants and Resellers.