New Year, New Features and New Opportunities

Friday 09 January 2015 News The Reseller Network

We would firstly like to wish you all a Very Happy New Year and we look forward to helping you ensure that 2015 will be a prosperous year!!

Early adopters will know that over the last 4.5 years The Reseller Network has continued to grow and evolve significantly. Some of you may have even noticed in recent weeks that we have been gradually releasing some new updates and it gives us pleasure to kick off 2015 by announcing these updates.  

New Profile Documents

The new profile documents feature enables Merchants to upload documents to their profile for resellers to view and download. This means that Merchants can provide resellers with all relevant content to help engage and support resellers.  

The types of documents that can be uploaded include Product Catalogues, Wholesale Price Lists, Reseller Agreements, Marketing Material and Support Literature for example.

Merchants can control who is able to view and download each document and supported file types are *.pdf, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.txt, *.csv, *.doc, *.docx, *.ppt, *.pptx and up to a maximum file size of 10MB per file.  

New Profile Documents Tab

Merchants Now Receive Weekly Email Summaries

We listened to the many requests from Merchants who wish to receive the New Merchants, News & Promotions weekly summaries and we have now enabled this. The weekly summaries are; ·        

  • Monday – New Merchants Weekly Summary ·         
  • Wednesday – Merchant Promotions Weekly Summary ·         
  • Friday – Merchant News Weekly Summary 

Both Merchants & Resellers receive only relevant content that matches their profile.

This can be updated by clicking ‘Edit Profile’ and email settings can by updated in ‘Account Settings’.

Select Multiple Locations & Industries

We also received many requests from Merchants who overlap 2 or more industries to be able to appear in multiple industries rather than simply the best fit. We have reacted to your feedback and have enabled multiple industries and locations for both Reseller & Merchant profiles. So, where you opperate in more than one industry or location you can now specify this within your profile to ensure you reach the right audience and receive all relevant notifications.

Adding & Reordering Content

As an enhancement we have now made it much easier for Merchants to add and organise the order of images, videos, news, promotions and documents. We’ve added buttons at the top of each list to ‘A dd’ new content, so no more scrolling down the page for those who have added a lot. We have also added a progress bar so if your connection is slow or you are uploading a large file you can see it’s progress. Finally we’ve added the ability to drag and drop to reorder content rather than numbering which is far more user friendly.

New Opportunities

Currently there are almost 1,500 active Merchants accross a variety of industries worldwide with new merchants joining daily offering new products to resell, franchise and affiliate opportunities. Through out 2015 we will continue grow the number of Merchants and opportunites available for Resellers. To ensure you stay up to date with relevant opportunities, please check that you updated your current interests in the 'Edit Profile' section.

As always there are more features coming soon so 'Follow Us' here on The Reseller Network and of course we will update you as soon as they are available.

We welcome and value all feedback so if you have any feedback or questions that you would like to share please drop us a message.