New Seasonal Home Fragrance Collection now Available

Saturday 02 February 2019 News Mary Jean Limited

Dear Reader

It is with great delight to announce that Mary Jean has a new "Season's Home Fragrance" collection comprising of 4 high quality 30cl Soy wax candles, one each per season and also 4 high-quality 100ml alcohol-free diffusers, one each per season.

These quality home fragrance items are in high demand across many markets frequented by the affluent consumer willing to pay a premium price for original handmade quality products.

The Candles

Each candle is hand poured to 210g of wax in a 30cl clear jar using a Soy/Rapeseed wax blend promising at least 45 hour burn time by our estimate, likely longer. The wax is natural and pure free of mineral oil, paraffin wax and additives.

Each candle has our own unique blend of natural pure essential oils providing a pleasant fragrance for a season, and every candle has a share of over 600ml of essential oil per 12 candle batch, resulting in a stronger and longer scent throw making our candles suitable even for a reasonably large dining room.

A fine centrepiece for your customers, gifted in a white box with a quality silver metal lid. There are no minimum quantity amounts for this item however we do have a minimum order amount.

The Diffusers

Each diffuser is hand poured to 100ml in a round circular clear bottle, a natural Glycerine based alcohol-free diffuser base to hold our unique seasonal essential oil blend for longer. Each diffuser comes boxed in a quality white box containing the diffuser bottle (pre-filled with 100ml) and 6 natural rattan reeds with instructions.

We would suggest our diffuser would scent a relatively large room for between 6 and 8 weeks when turning the reeds over every few days or so. Upon your request, we are prepared to increase the number of reeds provided in the box, ask for further detail.

There are no minimum quantity amounts for this item however we do have a minimum order amount.

About Mary Jean

We are a family business located in the Scottish Highlands founded in 2008 now enjoying 10 wonderful years in business providing our happy customers with lovely skin care products and now our new home fragrance range.

It would be a pleasure to serve you in meeting your needs and learning how best we can offer you a quality product for your customers. Please get in touch with your interest and questions in the first instance.