5 searches to check your brand name is available and eligible for a trade mark in the UK

Monday 22 October 2018 News Platinum Business Partners

5 searches to check your brand name is available and eligible for a trade mark in the UK

For many online businesses, their name and logo are a major trading asset. Whilst copyright exists without the need to register a particular name or logo thereby offering some protection, a registered trade mark gives stronger protection for your online brand.Registering trade marks can be expensive, and so it may be something that you consider at the point at which you know that your brand is well established and doing well. Here are some fundamental searches to perform when a) thinking about your brand name and identity and b) before starting the registration process for a trade mark. This article is primarily concerned with brand protection and trade marks in the UK.

1. At the outset of creating your brand, you should carry out a check of the trade mark register, which can be done at www.ipo.gov.uk. This will ensure that you are not infringing anyone else’s trade mark with your logo or trading name. You can search for trade marks by:2.  You should also check the Companies House website using the WebCheck service at https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/. This allows you to search for companies who may already be using the name you have chosen for your business and brand. 

3. A simple online ‘Google’ search is also beneficial. You do not want to find yourself in the position where you have already started building a reputation, only to find that you face a legal challenge and are forced to rebrand.

4. Make sure the preferred.co.uk domain name is available – by typing it directly into your browser -you can also use a domain search registration engine such as 123-Reg https://www.123-reg.co.uk/ to double check availability and to purchase your domain/s as required.

5. Search on Amazon.co.uk to check that there is no obvious trader selling under your chosen the brand name.