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Friday 07 September 2018 News SilkSense

The SilkSense Value Proposition

SilkSense is a flexible, home-based, turn-key business that is easy to run, sustainable and hugely scaleable. SilkSense provides strong financial returns and reaches break-even point quickly, minimizing working capital requirements.

  • Flexible – As a SilkSense Distributor you are able to work the hours that you deem appropriate.
  • Home Based – It is possible to operate this business from your home, all you require minimal storage space.
  • Turn-key Business – We supply you with everything you need to start and manage your business effectively and efficiently.
  • Easy to run – The SilkSense concept is a simple business model and our Distributors are given the necessary tools and know-how to run the business smoothly.
  • Sustainable – Each Silk Flower Arrangements last for many years and demand for the product is increasing.
  • Hugely Scaleable – SilkSense is a business that maintains and increases profit margins while sales volume increases.

Unique Business System

The SilkSense Business System ensures efficient management and great financial returns.

Incredible Product

SilkSense Distributors are supplied with world renowned Silk Flower Arrangements

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