Flower Power

Tuesday 03 July 2018 News SilkSense


Research has determined that mental ability is improved, stress levels are decreased, and customers report better experiences in spaces with flowers and plants than in workplaces without them. So adding plants to any space is absolutely worth the additional effort and cost. At SilkSense we have harnessed this amazing benefit of nature and created a profitable business model tailored to the corporate world.  

When clients are picking a SIlkSense flower arrangement for their office, showroom or dealership, remember that less saturated and brighter colors are generally more relaxing, while bold saturated colors will energize you. Colors that are similar tones will also be more calming, with the opposite effect if the colors are opposite each other. In addition, curvy shapes have been shown to be relaxing. Now your client can make an informed choice.

SilkSense has a huge range of flower arrangements and plants available to distributors that help clients de-stress their space, motivate employees and encourage customers. Visit http://silksenseglobal.com/ for more info.