Winesave is the Official Wine Preservation Solution for the 2018 London Wine Competition

Thursday 08 March 2018 News Winesave

The London Wine Competition to be held in London, 8-9 March 2018, has partnered with Winesave, the premium wine preserver.

Premium Protection
It’s critical at wine competitions and tastings that wines taste as they were intended by the winemakers.

Winesave is made with 100% all-natural, high-quality, food-grade, argon gas which is completely inert and heavier than air. It forms a protective layer above wine in an opened bottle, keeping wine fresh without affecting the taste of the wine.

Highly Scalable
The large numbers of bottles at wine competitions, wine tastings, recorking clinics, and restaurants or bars serving wines by the glass, can quickly and easily be protected with just a one-second application of winesave.

Winesave is the easiest to use wine preservation solution, requiring no complicated gadgets, no large equipment, and no manual pumping.

Endorsed by Experts
Since 2010, winesave has been independently tested and praised by many of the world’s leading wine experts, including Jancis Robinson (UK), Philippe Guigal (France), John Gilman (US), Curtis Marsh (New Zealand) and others.

Cobranding Capable
Winesave’s packaging and bottles are designed perfectly for cobranding by event organizers, wine merchants, wine clubs, cellar doors, or any company as a promotional product or corporate gift.

Each London Wine Competition judge will receive a limited edition co-branded bottle of winesave PRO.

More Info
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