TESTONE® is proven to be the world’s fastest and strongest Testosterone Booster

Friday 09 February 2018 News WARMEDS

TESTONE® is proven to be the world’s fastest and strongest Testosterone Booster. TESTONE® is the only supplement to eff ectively and safely deliver the 3 key components (TestoSurgeTM, Epicatechin, and Resveratrol) using a patented multi laminar liposome delivery system. TestoSurgeTM has been clinically shown to dramatically increase testosterone within 12 hours of sublingual administration, while resveratrol is a potent Sirt1 mediated growth hormone (hGH) releasing agent. It has been carefully designed and engineered by a team of top scientists including biochemists as well as nutritionists, and validated through extensive use by professional athletes. What many have come to realize over the years with Sports Supplements is that their listed ingredients of often based on in-vitro studies or based on rodents clinical trials. However, results from such studies cannot be translated in real world experience. In addition to this failing, the majority of those active ingredients are very poorly absorbed which results in an often less than 1% bioavailability.

After passing through the stomach, the intestine and then the liver, actives like forskolin or synephrine are highly metabolized and their eff ectiveness diminished to NOTHING. Quantity of an oral supplement that has “ZERO” bioavailability is meaningless since next to nothing is absorbed, so no eff ects are really experienced. After years of exhaustive research, scientists at WARMEDS® developed and utilize cutting edge dessicated liposomal technology to enhance the bioavailability of the carefully selected “proven” ingredients, and FINALLY deliver on their true potential. More importantly through the use of cutting edge sublingual liposomal technology, VARIABILITY of absorption is virtually eliminated so that each and every time the user can expect the same eff ects at EXACTLY the same time. By increasing testosterone, increasing its bioavailability through reduction of SHBG levels and preventing its conversion into estrogen as well as its metabolism, testone dramatically boosts testosterone levels within hours. Furthermore, by also indirectly increasing growth hormone. ... Full document on description TESTONE product. TESTONE Technical Sheet.pdf