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Monday 15 January 2018 News Sunaura Distribution Limited

Happy New Year! 

We hope you had a nice break and are as excited about 2018 as we are! We've got loads planned for this year already from workshops to open days and demos! We will send you guys email updates on how to register for upcoming events so make sure to keep an eye on your emails! 

New Products! 


Need to stock up your kit for the New Year? We've got loads of items heavily discounted now.
We've got some new icy products! From left to right, We've got Kryolan Icicle Gel 200ml, Maekup Snow Paste (30grms), Maekup Snow Paste (for beards 60grms) and Maekup Powder Snow (30 grms). The Icicle Gel is a thick misty gel with a semi-transparent colour. To apply, use a spatula above the spot where the icicle is supposed to be. The gel will slowly move down and form drops and icicles. By going up again with the spatula, the result can be altered again. 

Maekup Snow products are modified acrylic polymer that have swellable properties to create realistic snow effects.

To use Maekup Snow Paste apply the paste directly to the costume or hair and repeat until the desired effect is achieved. Add Maekup Powder Snow to create a more impacting effect. 

Dave Stoneman's Snow Paste for beards can be applied directly to hair and works on any hair type. Add Dave Stoneman Snow Powder for a more dramatic look. 

The Snow Powder is a white acrylic polymer used to create snowy effects when used in conjunction with the ice gel and or snow paste on skin and costume.

All Maekup snow products can be removed using a wipe, followed by warm water and soap.


Five Uses for Dermacolor Mini Palettes 

Dermacolor Mini Palette's contain 16 shades of the popular Dermacolor cream, and are ideal for professional use. Available in six different shades, each palette is designed to suit different skin tones. Dermacolor creams offer high coverage and a little goes a long way.
  1. Blemishes, Scars and Birth Marks  - These palettes are considered an essential part of any beauty or bridal makeup artists kit. The high coverage creams offer a flawless finish. Dermacolor (palettes, creams and powders) are extremely popular with people who have scarring on the face, neck and hands. The palette offers a range of colours to match with your client and The Irish Red Cross offers a free colour match service should you need it. We also offer Red Cross Clients a 20% discount on all Dermacolor products.
  2. Bald cap application - After bald cap application the edges of the bald cap may need to be covered to create a realistic finish. Use Dermacolor cream to disguise the edges by blending Dermacolor around the area the bald cap meets the skin. Occasionally, hair can appear through a bald cap and Dermacolor cream can cover this also.
  3. Dark Circles - With the best will in the world, we don’t always get enough beauty sleep and the Dermacolor mini palettes offer the perfect solution. Applied with a brush and blended around the eyes you/your client with look fresh faced for the day as the creams have amazing staying power! Depending on skin type, you may need to use an eye cream or eye primer to ensure the cream doesn't cake or dry out around the eye. 
  4. Tattoo Coverage - Whether your working on a film or bridal makeup, there are bound to be tattoos needing covering. Click here to watch a Kryolan Demonstration of Dermacolor being used to cover a large tattooed area. 
  5. Adaptable Coverage -  Dermacolor cream can be mixed with a makeup mixer to create a medium coverage foundation or you can apply straight to the face using a concealer brush for the highest level of coverage, We suggest using Maq Pro Paris Make Up Mixer. 
Dermacolor Mini Palettes are on Sale Now! Was  €28.91 Now €22.00

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