More New Features Released!

Friday 22 September 2017 News The Reseller Network

As many of you may have already noticed, The Reseller Network have released another major update with several new features that add value for both Merchants and Resellers. The website is now multilingual, products can be listed in any supported currency, Merchants can import and create product specifications and attributes. Resellers can now also filter products in order of highest profit to find the most profitable products.

Now available in over 100 languages

Although in the world of business English is the language of choice for most, we feel it is important that all users can read and understand the site. For this reason we have now made the website multilingual with over 100 languages available. 

Add products in any supported currency

This particular feature we know is very important to Merchants who want to list products in a currency other than £GBP. The reason that this isn’t something that other websites or marketplaces offer is that it is actually very technically challenging. However, we are very pleased to have overcome this challenge. Merchants can now list products in any of our supported currencies and Resellers can then choose to view products in their preferred currency. 

Import & Create Product Specifications & Attributes

When we launched the products features we prepopulated over 200,000 product specifications and attributes that were specific to each of the 4,000+ subcategories such as size and colour etc. It has always been possible to manually add these prepopulated specifications and attributes however, it was not possible for Merchants to create new values or import products with specifications and attribute options. With the new release, Merchants can now select from a list of values or create new values and can even bulk import products with specifications and attributes. All specifications that are displayed in bold also act as product filters in Browse Products. Products imported with these filterable options will also be found using these filters in Browse Products. 

Filter products in order of highest profit

This is a fantastic new feature for Resellers. Every reseller without exception fundamentally wants to find great products with great profit margins that they can resell to their customers. Well, now you can and very easily by using the new Profit £ and Profit % filters! Profit £ sorts products in order of highest profit in £GBP per unit. Profit % sorts products in order of highest profit margin as a percentage.